A 12-Week Online Course to

Heal • Integrate • Become Whole

Shadow Work is the part of your spiritual journey that will bring you into WHOLENESS by integrating the inner child, the emotional pain body and the parts of you that you have been separated from.


This is 12-week course contains:

  • over 40 video lessons
  • assignments
  • meditations
  • a private Facebook group that is not mandatory, but a nice extra support for the community aspect
  • weekly LIVE Q&A Sessions with me
  • And much more!

You can do it at your own pace, but I suggest you follow the structure provided in the course.

We will dive right into what Shadow Work is and why we have a shadow. We have both a dark shadow as well as a golden shadow. The part of us that feels misunderstood, not enough, different or wrong equals our unworthiness wound. The parts of us that fear JOY and shining too bright are the golden shadow. We will be contacting our inner child and the ideas we create around who we thought we were versus who we really are. Why we thought it was SAFE to hide these parts of ourselves and why it is now mandatory to illuminate them.

Tribal wounds are the wounds we carry from generation to generation. In this course, you will be enlightened to WHY you are the one to now heal these tribal wounds and what their purpose is in your life.

The Mother wound and the Father wound will be explored and shifted into integration within your own being. As we heal from these wounds and mature the parts of ourselves that were stuck, we can start to reparent our own inner child.

As we do this work, we reclaim the ABANDONED self and we start to apply “shadow work in action.” Our daily life will include the boundaries and discernment to live in alignment with our Truth rather than our wounding.

You will be emotionally validating your inner child and as you do this, you will be integrating with your true identity. The golden shadow is the power and gifts you have repressed to feel safe and stay small. You will be reclaiming those and lining up with your internal guidance system rather than the voice inside your head and external authority.

After you have done some Shadow Work, you will naturally be guided to change and upgrade your OLD STORY! You will now be the author of your own reality and you will be co-creating with a higher authority.

The BONUS LESSON will put it all together for you and answer the question of WHY. Why did this all happen and what are you now meant to do with it all? As we heal ourselves, we are called into a deeper service on the planet. This is the natural progression of clarity around YOU and your HIGHEST PURPOSE.


I am so excited to be your lantern as you navigate these beautiful parts of yourself that have been in the dark for too long.



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We start June 1, 2024

In this course, you will get a new lease on life. It will change your life, your relationship to self, others and world. You will be running on all cylinders with the headlights on and your path illuminated.

As you heal yourself, you will be called to serve the world.
Your higher calling is waiting for you on the other side of your shadow work.

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This course includes 12 Lessons with guided meditations, over 40 video lessons, assignments and much more.
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What Past Students Have Shared…


“I highly recommend taking Candace’s Shadow Work course after taking her Emotional Rehab course or having done some deep inner work. Reason being is because a significant amount of healing needs to take place in order to grasp Shadow Work and have the emotional capacity to heal your shadows. Shadow Work is not a scary or bad course by any means. Shadow Work was the cherry on top for me because I ended up truly finding myself by the end of the course and gained so much clarity, self-love, and truly ending toxic patterns and codependent behaviors. Candace is there for you every step of the way by being available to answer any questions you may have during the course as well as a live call on a private Facebook group weekly to answer questions and be supported with other classmates. If you want to seek truth in your life and have more clarity in who you really are, take this course!”
- Sara Byram

“Taking the first Shadow Work course with Candace has been an incredible deep dive into my pain. Firstly, the coursework is seamless to work through week-to-week. Secondly, the accompanying Facebook events are invaluable, since the shadow material can be emotionally triggering. The weekly live Q&A allows you to actively participate or simply be a “neutral” observer as Candace provides insight to students’ questions. It also creates a strong support network as you peel back the layers of your pain.

Candace herself is an ideal mentor. She’s incredibly intuitive, authentic and warm which is important when addressing heavier issues — childhood trauma, ancestral wounds, residual abandonment pain. Most of her students are highly sensitive empaths like myself who battle ongoing stress, anxiety, and mild depression, and people pleasing/ self-blame tendencies. Nearly all of us are the scapegoat-black-sheeps of our respective families. Candace shares her own issues (to avoid being seen as perfect or guru-like) and she reminds us of our power and the accuracy of our intuition. You leave this course feeling emotionally and spiritually stronger, better able to navigate this world. I consider taking the course a worthwhile investment. Furthermore, having direct access to Candace every week is a miracle in and of itself — she is as real as they come.”

- Shireen Khaira

“After about 10 years of losing touch with my soul’s calling, Shadow Work allowed me to finally speak to my true self, my inner child that was always there powering me through, and now I finally feel freedom… Ms. Van Dell knows how to reach you; to work you through and to the core of your soul; she validates you, what you think and feel and say, and you end up validating your true self, that child whose wings were once clipped will now be mended and propped, for takeoff and I am GLIDING… and you will too… thank you to the Shadow Work crew, the tribe now my tribe who shared where they’ve been and who they are because now I know it’s just who WE ARE. The new breed. Love and freedom, ultimately.”
- Rich Barilla

“Shadow Work is a life changing course. I can’t recommend it enough. I think it is really necessary to do Emotional Rehab first because you need to have done some inner work to be able to handle the depth and intensity of healing that happens with Shadow Work. Emotional Rehab is really accessible for everyone, nothing is scary, nothing is too much, even if you’re new to inner work. It is really a perfect first step to learn how to be emotionally autonomous, learn to recognize healthy relationships from toxic ones and get in touch with who you really are. In both Emotional Rehab and Shadow Work, Candace is with you every step of the way through weekly lives on a private Facebook group and answers all of your questions. In Shadow Work, you get on the path to your purpose and you start really changing your life in the deepest, most significant way. It is a powerful, life changing course!”

- Aurelie

“Candace Van Dell’s Shadow Work course provides vital insight into how we developed unresourceful beliefs about ourselves and about the world and how and why we decided to put parts of ourselves in shadow and develop coping mechanisms to cover the loss.

She teaches key insights and techniques by which to heal and recover those lost parts of ourselves and to grow in self love in the process. I love the course and I adore Candace, because she uniquely describes and understands the plight of sensitive souls whose way of being in the world is often invalidated and misunderstood by those around them by whom they most need to be understood during their formative years.

She teaches us how to love and accept all of ourselves, especially our vulnerable emotions, and recover our ability to SHINE.”

- Antoinette Ryser, UT

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